Ming-Yang Yu

CEO, Rayark Games

CEO and co-founder of Rayark. Ming-Yang is also the producer and lead game designer of Cytus, DEEMO, Implosion, & VOEZ. He believes in creating original gameplay with highest graphic quality as the fundamentals for Rayark productions.

Sessions by Ming-Yang Yu

Video games, life, and optimization problem

Day 1 - 11:00 - 12:00

In the days that the market were dominated by retail, single player games, being 1) fun, 2) popular, and 3) profitable are highly correlated traits of games. They usually mean the same thing, and any "successful" game has those 3 traits. Post-2000, from MMOs and browser games,  to the smartphone mobile games, the definition of "success", and what goals should a game pursue, became a lot more complicated. 


Since the inception of Rayark Inc., 7 years has passed. The total download count across all its titles has surpassed 90 millions. The portfolio of the company covers both premium and freemium games, and the team has grown from an indie-sized studio with 15 people, to a company with 170 employees. As a game producer, and also the head of the company, we will discuss the problems we faced during our growth at Rayark, through the lens of a "optimization problem", providing some insights into what goals should we pursue when we start a project. 


Note: This session will be conducted in Mandarin.