About Taipei Game Developers Forum


Seven years in the running, the upcoming 2018 Taipei Game Developers Forum is currently the largest annual conference on game development in Taiwan, attracting roughly a thousand attendees from domestic and abroad each year. 

This year, we've already confirmed several renowned developers as speakers, such as: Justin Ma (FTL, Into the Breach), Tanya X. Short (Moon Hunters, Boyfriend Dungeon), Jason Roberts (Gorogoa), Sebastien Benard (Dead Cells), Elizabeth Maler (A Normal Lost Phone series), Jonas Bötel (Subnautica), and more. The current lineup also features aspiring Taiwanese developers, including Brian Lee, Scott Chen and Sam Chen (OPUS series), Domo (Eternal Senia), Ken Wei (Fight of Gods) and several others to cover various aspects of game development. 

Aside from above, we are collaborating with Unity Technologies to arrange a series of Unity-specific tech talks, with more content to be revealed in the coming weeks. No matter you are students, indies or AAA developers, we sincerely welcome you to join us at 2018 Taipei Game Developers Forum!

Buy Now: https://tgdf.kktix.cc/events/2018tgdf

(The speaker lineup and the session schedule is currently being updated)

Passes & Prices

Individual Pass

NTD $ 2800
Access to all sessions for one person.
  • Full price NTD $2800
Early Bird period ends on May 31, 2018

Group Pass

NTD $ 2000
Any group with at least 2 people is eligible.
  • Full price NTD $2000
Early Bird period ends on May 31, 2018

Student Pass

NTD $ 1000
Relevant student ID checking on-site required.
  • Full price NTD $1000
Early Bird period ends on May 31, 2018

What's New

Thumb 20180710155802

[廠商訊息] 影視特效 x IP原創動畫大平台!

「2018 IP國際論壇暨影視製作規劃與新載具應用分享」活動報名超展開!


今年TGDF與Digital Taipei合作,一同在8/8,8/9於TICC帶給各位最盛大的泛數位內容活動!


Learn more


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