Ken Wei

CEO, Digital Crafter

Ken Wei currently is the CEO and Game Director of the indie studio Digital Crafter, and also teaches at China University of Technology as a lecturer. He holds Master of Animation & Interactive Media degree from RMIT University, and is also a Multimedia Design postgraduate from Swinburne University of Technology. 

Before going indie, Ken worked as a senior artist at Australian game company Wicked Witch Software for 4 years, and participated in numerous projects, console and mobile alike. But eventually he grew too passionate about making his own game, and switched course to become an indie game developer. 

After the inception of Digital Crafter, they made several smaller projects, and among them, Lamia's Game Room won the Best Game Art award at 2016 Indie Prize Asia. The team's most famous title to-date, Fight of Gods was also nominated in 2017 Indie Prize Asia. 

Sessions by Ken Wei

I made a strange fighting game! The making of Fight of Gods

Day 1 - 16:30 - 17:30

Independent games usually are famous for their freedom of expression and uniqueness in either gameplay mechanics or theme of choice. They are some of the most important traits of indie games. We've seen a lot of unique and awesomely weird indie games in the past. 


Fight of Gods is one of those awesomely weird, or even sometimes indescribable titles (LOL!). 


Ken Wei, Game Director of Digital Crafter, will talk about their experience in game development, and share the challenges encountered and lessons learned from making the indie title Fight of Gods, in the hope of giving some references and directions on game development, so that the audience can reflect on their own endeavors down the road. 


Note: This session will be conducted in Mandarin.