Founder, Sanctum Games

Domo is the founder and director of Sanctum Games. Having worked as a game designer in the industry in the past, he was inspired during the process and formed a few ideas about making games. In order to prove that his idea would actually be viable in the market, he started to develop his own game off-work. 

After more than a year's hard work, he launched Eternal Senia on PC and it turned out to be well-received both domestically and internationally. Half a year later, it was also released onto Steam and got "overwhelmingly positive" reviews to this date. In the light of that, Domo follows up his project with a sequel on mobile, Eternal Senia: Hydrangea After the Rain, venturing into the realm of freemium, more commercially-oriented indie games. 

As the completion of Eternal Senia: Hydrangea After the Rain drew near, he left his former company and is determined to finish the game. 

Sessions by Domo

Can the more commercially-oriented indie games be viable on the market?

Day 1 - 13:30 - 14:30

Eternal Senia: Hydrangea After the Rain is an indie game that strives to be more commercially-oriented. Mechanics like card collection, gacha and grinding are all present in this not-so-indie indie game. 


We will talk about: 

  1. The design of the game's business model 
  2. The actual performance of the said business model
  3. DAU and Retention analysis 


Note: This session will be conducted in Mandarin.