Sam Chen

UI/UX Designer, SIGONO

Sam Chen is a UI/UX designer, artist and Chinese-English translator at SIGONO. Striving to be a third culture individual of video games, but after coming back to Taiwan from studying abroad, Sam ended up making websites and selling dumplings. He then found out SIGONO and was attracted by their cross-cultural games, joined them and steered back towards his original goal. 



Worked on Earthworm Alchemy, OPUS: The Day We Found Earth and OPUS: Rocket of Whispers.

Sessions by Sam Chen

Getting the UI of OPUS: Rocket of Whispers beaten out of me -- Immersive UI design lessons learned

Day 2 - 15:00 - 16:00

As a narrative-heavy and atmospheric game, The UI design of OPUS: Rocket of Whispers is filled with struggles between functionalities and aesthetics. Do "Meeting the functional requirements effectively" and "being immersive in the game world" always have to be in conflict with each other? In this talk, Sam Chen, the UX designer at SIGONO, will share the stories behind the scenes. 


Note: This session will be conducted in Mandarin.