Kho Chia Wen Sharon

Co-founder, IMBA Interactive

Sharon is a co-founder of Imba Interactive, a Singapore-based studio that provides end-to-end audio and music solutions for video games and apps. As a music composer and sound designer, her most recent work on “Mr. Catt” bagged the ‘Best Music and Sound Effect Award’ at the Bahamut ACG Awards 2016. Other notable audio contributions are Sweety Prince, Close Line and Space Cycler.

Sessions by Kho Chia Wen Sharon

Designing sound through audio middleware

Day 2 - 15:00 - 16:00

What sets game audio designers apart from designing sound for film? This talk will introduce audio implementation using popular audio middleware, FMOD Studio. Sound design for games doesn't stop at creating and delivering sound assets; as the audio team, we continuously find solutions and methods to be intimate with how we affect the behaviour of audio in-game with minimal usage of coding language. Alongside the talk, a live demo of FMOD in action will be presented for practical usage.