Kenyi Lee

Lead Software Engineer, Rayark Games

Kenyi holds the Ph.D. degree from Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University, and his main interests of research are computer graphics, image processing, computer vision and machine learning related fields. He has been in the game industry since graduation and is currently the CTO of Rayark Inc.. He worked on the hit action title Implosion and focused on performance and user experience optimizations. In Rayark's upcoming TCG-MOBA game Soul of Eden, he leads both the programming team and the AI research team to figure out possibilities of integrating machine-learning and game development. Off-work, Kenyi is a long time promoter of programming education. 

Sessions by Kenyi Lee

Deep Reinforcement Learning in Soul of Eden

Day 2 - 15:00 - 16:00

With the breakthrough in neural network techniques and the success of AlphaGo, we at Rayark think that the application of deep reinforcement learning (DRL) can already yield enough marginal benefits, and its technical requirements also tractable. For instance, during the game development cycle, we often have to adjust NPC AI due to changes in game mechanics, or that the game balancing tests are usually very incomplete in the early iterations. We figured that DRL can actually not only simplify the tasks for programmers, but also let designers rapidly receive more complete pictures of the results from their designs, thus speeding up the whole iteration of the process. Based on this idea, we are trying to use DRL in the upcoming TCG-MOBA game Soul of Eden, letting AI find the winning strategies by itself, and has got preliminary results. We hope to share what we've learned during our implementation of the techniques, difficulties encountered and some promising prospects in future game development. 


Note: This session will be conducted in Mandarin.