Senior Ruby Developer, 5xRuby

Senior Ruby Developer at 5xRuby, proficient in both frontend and backend development. He is also interested in game development, currently using C and Unreal Engine 4 as the main game development tool.

Sessions by Aotokitsuruya

Best Practice of Developing, Deploying, and Operating a mobile game with AWS

Day 1 - 13:30 - 14:30

Since the appearence of game engines like Unity3D and others in recent years, developing a standalone game has never been easier. But the server-side aspect of game developement generally remains somewhat mysterious. How do we build game servers, and successfully run and maintain them? Actually, it is not as difficult as one might think. 


This talk is brought to you by both a representative from AWS, and a developer with hand-on international game server experience, discussing all things server-side, including developing, deploying, operating and scaling, so that the audience can have a better grasp of it when building a game with server-side requirements. 


Note: This talk will be conducted in Mandarin.