Sebastien "deepnight" Benard​

Lead Developer/Game Designer, Motion Twin

I prefer making games than playing them. I've spent a large part of my life creating games, finished or unfinished projects, and participated in quite a lot of gamejams (and won a few ones). I'm a big fan of the Haxe language, which I used on all my projects for years.

Sessions by Sebastien "deepnight" Benard​

Feels good man - Some sort of Dead Cells post-mortem

Day 2 - 16:30 - 17:30

We made a game called Dead Cells, which we define as a "Roguevania" (ie. a mix between Castlevania™ type games & roguelikes, with a modern approach). We were actually really surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback from the gaming community and press. But, as a pragmatic developer and game-designer, I don't believe in random success and unpredictable stuff. So I tried to understand and analyse what worked for us, with reproducibility in mind. So, let's talk about "core-loops", among other things.