Daryl Sartain

Director and Worldwide Head | VR & Displays Alliances, AMD

Daryl Sartain is Director, Virtual Reality, Radeon Technologies Group, AMD. He is the Founder and Chair of the ITA VR Advisory Council and a board member of the VRFirst Industry Consortia. Sartain has 30 years’ experience in research and development, product development and management for integrated circuits, software development, system design, system engineering, information technology, marketing, and program management. His previous roles at AMD included Director, Strategic Business Development for Innovative Systems Group, and Director, Desktop Division where he led desktop product business planning and product management in AMD’s Microprocessor Business Unit. Sartain’s career also features top brands like Texas Instruments, ESS Technology, Inc. and Cirrus Logic. 

Sartain published one of the first books on the topic of 3D Audio and Psychoacoustics, and holding eight patents. He has demonstrated technical breadth and depth in many fields.

Sessions by Daryl Sartain

Immersion (XR, HDR), Intelligence (AI) and Transactions (Crypto) – The Evolving Gaming World

Day 2 - 09:30 - 10:30

Advances in gaming have historically focused on techniques for achieving greater details in video games and faster frame rates. While this trend continues, several new technologies are edging toward mainstream. These technologies will bring a greater depth of user immersion and expand the opportunities for game developers to attract consumers. This session will provide an overview of the technologies and their impact on the gaming community as well as some insight into the hardware requirements for each.